CHOMP interactive app

Do you remember the PETTING ZOO APP ?
CHOMP app is the latest imagination from the famous illustrator Christoph Niemann, one of my favourite artist all over the world.


CHOMP APP combines playful, funny and hand-drawn animations with live video, enabling children and adults alike to slip into a variety of comical roles. From a ping pong ball, vCHOMP-INTERACTIVE-APP-CHRISTOPH-NIEMANNirtuous pianist, to a spaghetti-slurping dog, or a living cuckoo-clock, anything is possible!

What makes this App so inspiring and special is that it is not quite a storybook and not quite a video game. CHOMP is an unusual app that lets children participate using their own faces, mimicry, and song, allowing their creativity to run wild.


Available on the App Store