FILLING SPACES – Federico Picci

Have you ever thought that the music your are listening is filling your body with happiness? That little by little music is filling the space around you and that you can start flying within it?

This is what Federico Picci wants to show with his “FILLING SPACES”. How something inmaterial like music can fill a room with its beauty.


Federico Picci is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator. Believe it or not, he is just 20 years old, but he has been doing graphic designs since he was 14.

He is studying at the Italian Academy in Florence and in his free time works as a freelance or experiments with things he hasn’t done it before. Like this project that studies the connection between light and space.

He is trying to to show how something so invisible and inmaterial as music can fill completely a room and from my point of view he has more than succeed.

We will love to see more of this (promising) artist.