MINIMALS, the new Lucas Zanotto’s work of art

minimals, the new Lucas Zanotto's work of art

MINIMALS is the new brilliant 3D animation created by visual artist and director Lucas Zanotto. He works with basic primary shapes to create adorably sculptural animals that are in constant motion.

Lucas Zanotto is a Helsinki-based animator and director. Born in the Alps of Northern Italy, he has also lived and worked in Milan, Barcelona, Berlin.

MINIMALS is a compilation of animal’s short animation, that move like kinetic sculptures. They appear to be formed from children’s blocks with colors that hint at their actual breed. An absolutely must see short video.

Lucas Zanotto comes from a product and graphic design background, became interested in motion graphics, and gradually moved on to fully concentrate on working as a director for animation. He loves to combine classic animation with analogue and digital media, playing around and exploring new ways of creating animations and giving his films a very clean, modern feel. Lucas has done commercial work for Google, Amazon, Harper Collins, o2 and is represented by Passion Pictures.

In 2012 Lucas set up YATATOY.com, which has created a line-up of award winning Apps with a high quality standard for kids (previously posted on Cuteandkids).

And recently, he also has published his second book, EVERIMAL,  a great idea for your Christmas whislist!