Mirai my little sister, a film teaching siblings to love each other


I am a proud mum of two little girls. They love each other most of the time, but sometimes, as most siblings do, they fight and I have to admit, I suffer. Let’s assume it, my relationship with my brother is not as perfect as I would desire.

It has to be difficult to accept that you have to share your home and family with a new member, but the animated film Mirai, my little sister brings a new way for an only child to come around the idea of sharing his home with a new baby.

Kun is a boy born to an executive mother and an  architect father. The family lives in a stepped house that Kun’s father has designed around a tree. This is where Kun spends his days playing with Yukko, the family dog, and his beloved toy train sets.

The film is the story of Kun, a child whose life is turn around by the birth of his little sister Mirai.  

When Kun is four, his sister Mirai, Japanese for “future”, is born. Although at first he is happy when his mother returns home with her, he soon became jealous as he feels his parents focused all their attention on her.

Kun ends accepting his little sister into the family thanks to a series of hallucinatory visits from other members of his family: from the past (his war-hero grandfather and decades-younger mother), the present (an anthropomorphic version of his pet dog), and the future (Mirai, appearing as her later teenage self)?

Real siblings don’t have it so easy, yet these magical interactions charmingly convey how bumpy it can be to make the adjustment from only child to elder brother.

Mirai my little sister is a film that can teach siblings to love each other and to overcome jealousy, because nobody said, it was easy to share our lives with a new baby sister or brother.