One tricycle, one iphone… and MICHEL GONDRY!

michel gondry

With this video Michel Gondry shows that you can do very smart things, like make serious movies, with that smartphone in your pocket.
michel gondry
The director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the Noam Chomsky animated documentary Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? has just released “Détour”, a short film shot purely on his iPhone 7 Plus. Subtitled in English, “Détour” runs about 12 minutes and follows “the adventures of a small tricycle as it sets off along French roads in search of its young owner.”

Watch it, then ask yourself, was this really not made with a traditional camera? And then ask yourself, what’s my excuse for not getting out there and making movies?

The film took about two weeks to make, during which Gondry used the video software Filmic Pro, which costs only $14.99 in Apple’s app store.>

michel gondry
So now you know what you have to do this weekend with your family…