YOUNG EXPLORERS CLUB is a series of short films directed by Jacob Krupnick. It is about what happens when you allow kids who are still very young—who have just learned to walk by themselves—to explore the world completely on their own.

Are you wondering what happens when kids explore the world on their own terms? Watch the answer to this question at YOUNG EXPLORERS CLUB .


Kids do not want to be contained—they are built for adventure. As a culture, we are wildly protective of our little ones, often to the point of protecting them from happy accidents and mistakes they might learn from.

In America, raising kids is a process filled with love and fulfillment, but also characterized by paranoia. There’s a tendency to protect our kids from any potential sources of harm, shower them with praise, and carefully curate their every experience“. Jacob Krupnick 

But this anxiety and vigilance is a recent thing. It certainly wasn’t always this way—Jacob’s  dad grew up hunting in his backyard after school and his mom grew up casually cruising around Greenwich Village in the 1950s.

Last year when his daughter was born, he began to think more about all the things people think about becoming a parent.

YOUNG EXPLORERS CLUB film project asks us to imagine what happens when we lower our guard, and trust that things will be alright.

Jacob Krupnick is a filmmaker and photographer. For additional films in the series, stay tuned to We’re looking forward to watch more!

This film project fill us with lots of feelings. What’s yours?

I can imagine  the cute, little and wild Zoe walking through the streets of the city where we live. And you?

Note.- Jacok is eager to find a way to bring the project to other places, and document the explorations of kids around the world. Do you have any ideas? Want to talk about partnership? Hit him up.