Give Art for kids this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, my kids are already marking presents in every leaflet or pamphlet they come across. The list is so big that if Santa will grant them all their wishes, we will have to move to a new home.

Since they were little, I have been trying to convince aunts and grandparents that there is life beyond the toys advertised on tv or available in big supermarkets. It is not always easy, but it is bullet proof that wooden toys are better companions than plastic ones requiring batteries. The plastic toys are maybe the first ones to be opened, but are easily forgotten, while simple wooden toys have so many lives that today are part of a tower and tomorrow the fort where the cowboys are partying with the indians.

This year I am trying something new and much more adventurous: give art for kids this Christmas.

Protagonistes 95 by Gemma París available at Plom Magazine
Oso by Carmen Segovia available at Plom Magazine

I think that art is another form of beauty, another way of understanding the world. It fosters creativity and let the imagination fly.

Kids learn through art that there are many ways of expression and that all of them are valid.

Hadock by Coco Dávez, available at Bloombees

Que todos hablemos el mismo idioma by Pequeño mundo, available in Papel Picado Kids

Art is not only inside museums, it is all around us and if we make it an everyday event, something normal to be surrounded by, kids will enjoy and appreciate it as all the other things they have around, as toys, books or new technologies.

There is no better present than this. Investing in them, in their future and education. Art for kids.

Bonjour Paris by Master Boddington for Maissonette

Harbour by TOm Pigeon, available at Tom Pigeon online shop

If you agree with us, we bring you some ideas and places where to look for their first piece of art.

PLOM GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery focused in approaching art to kids. Martha Zimmermann, its founder, curates artists and paintings with superpowers. Superpowers that provoke us, make us think, laugh, cry and even dream. Art that makes us grow and turns us into better persons.

Every of their paintings come with an authenticity certificate containing not only the detail of the art work, but also the name of the child, making him, or her, owner of a new piece of art in their collection.

Tiny People by Oliver Gal for Maisonette

The American online boutique Maisonette also offers a wide selection of art for kids (and adults), celebrating the positive impact art has on children’s development.

Endless Summer by Eiko Ojala available at Saatchi Art

But there is no need to look for “art for kids“, as any piece of art can be enjoyed by people of all ages. I am sure that every art gallery will have something that your little ones will loved.

Classic, contemporary, abstract and even personalised, as this illustrations of Angelica Ch that can be personalised with your kid favorite toy and color and available through Peek and Pack.

Angelica Ch available at Peek and Pack

And as art is for everyone, maybe this is the moment to add one piece to your Santa list. The best present ever!

Skate by Max Wagner available at Max Wagner Shop