Google Maps and Mario Bros. Let Mario guide you this week!

March the 10th is Mario Bros’ day (Mar10) and Google wants to celebrated it, letting Mario guide you during all this week in their application Google Maps.

I love this collaboration between Google Mapas and Mario Bros.

My eldest son is a fan of the famous plumber with the red cap. He found and old Nintendo in the bottom of a drawer not so many days ago and he spent the day jumping, looking for mushrooms and trying to save Princess Peach from dragons and evil vilans.

He enjoys all Google doodles but I think this collaboration between Google Maps and Mario Bros is going to be one of his favourite’s.

For getting Mario follow the following steps:

  • Make sure your Google Maps is up-to-date.
  • Select an origen and a destiny where you want to go.
  • Press the symbol ? next to Start.

And let the fun begin.

HINT!! If you press ? 100 times, you will get 1-up. Give it a go if you are really bored ­čśë

Remember that Mario is only guiding you this week, so hurry up!