How kids describe love looks, feel and sounds like

ut is one of my favorites storytelling channels. This platform have 4 different brands: CUT, HIHO, THIS MATTERS and 100 YEARS OF BEAUTY.

HIHO is the kid-specific channel, a Youtube channel made with kids, for kids which promotes empathy through play. One of the more popular themed videos is of children trying food from around the world. “American Kids Try Ethiopian Food has been their most engaging video to date.

My favorite episode of the “American Kids Try” series at HiHo, is the one has been made by illustrator Koji Minami drawing  how kids describe love, how they imagine love looks, feels and sounds like.

Do you remember the spanish TV programa Juego de Niños? That’s mean that you are so old as me.

The “Kids try” videos remind me of that tv program. The kids made us smile every week.

First Minami ask the kids about whether or not they have been in love. Although most of their responses are no, one girl said “I go to school every day with lots of people I love”. 

Then kids ask Minami about his love life. He describe being in love as “tingly butterflies”. The kids then provide their opinions on their concept of love, from a boy making a disgusting face to a girls mentioning that her idea of love is hugging.

Minami also asks kids what love would look like if it comes in a form of a food. A boy responds that love is “a lollipop with a scorpion inside”.

At the end, the illustrations reflect the ideas that Ernie, Cristal, Desmond, Austin and Maddox have of love.

If you had to describe what “love” looks like, what would you say? Hugs? Burgers and fries? Bubbles? Well, this is how kids describe love .

Press play and just enjoy. 

If you’ve liked this video, visit they youtube channel and don’t miss  another visual stories told by these cute kids. 

Every kid – including the one inside each of us – needs imagination and curiosity about the world. Hiho promotes empathy through play.