You know that around here we are always looking to approach our interests and inquisitiveness to our little ones. We do not believe in a world for kids, but in kids living the same world as we do and enjoying it.

I recently read an article with declarations from actress Reese Witherspoon where she states that the media world, and maybe the world in general, does not understand the full spectrum of the female experience.

If I have to define myself, I do not want to use mum as my first and only attribute, and this is definitively  how I want my children to perceive it.  I am an engineer, a traveler, a curious person, a photography addict, a continuous learner, a mum, and many other things that define myself at the same level, without having to choose only one or categorising one in front of the other.

We do not believe in tags: “mum’s blogs, kid’s content“, but in opening our mind to everything that can interest us and fulfill our needs to learn. As Reese says: “Women want real substance and premium thought-provoking, well-made content” . I will add that men and children need that too. No genders, race or age involved in such predicament.

This is why I want to introduce you Rion Nakaya, a design director, video producer and lifelong learner who loves storytelling, sustainable tech, well-designed spaces, and wandering the halls of small science museums. She is mum of 2 kids and founder of TKSST (The Kid Should See This) a video blog with content that children love, but that it has not been developed with them in mind. You are going to love it!

Come and see.

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The Kid Should See This is a blog about Science, Technology, Space, Animals, Nature, Food, DIY, Music, Art, Animation and any other topic that interests Rion and her 2 children.

Our video selections are driven by wonder, enthusiasm, and “wow”! moments. We cover all topics under and beyond our sun, with a special focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) topics

The videos are not made for kids, as Rion considers, as well as we do, that lot of kid-targeted media is mind-numbingly difficult to watch, often full of simplistic narration, smart-alecky dialogue, or wacky noises.

They “surface” media that can be meaningful to anyone of any age.

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I like the idea of letting them surf the page and discover what they like the most, but also watching it with them and discussing the why’s, where’s and who’s.

I love inquisitive minds, children (and adults alike) that always want to know the who and why, that want to go a step further of what the teacher’s lesson said or what they have read here or there.

The blog is perfect for children, but why not, adults can learn something new too.

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I let you with a selection of 10 posts that my kids and I love, but go to THE KID SHOULD SEE THIS and select your own favorite’s.

link to post in TKSST
Applying Maths in life in the sweetest way: Dinara Kasko’s incredible edible geometric cakes

Circuit Playground series explaining electricity to kids by an MIT Engineer and her robot. You can learn how to make a battery in the episode B is for Battery.

Understanding Music with How to Read Music or Rests. Sometimes Music is Silence.

History and Science with The Genius of Marie Curie

Illusions and diy: How to draw your hand in 3D

How to forgive, something so difficult for little and grown-ups.

Calligraphy and Animals with Andrew Fox’s Calligraphy Animals Animated 

Art and everyday objects with the master Cristoph Niemann

And do not forget to have fun with The bear who never breaks the rules

[This post was published for the first time on November 17th, 2017]