DIY wearable kit THE MOVER

Technology Will Save Us is a UK-based startup that tries to teach kids not to be scared of technology. The company makes hardware kits for children to be assembled into basic devices. They have just launched their first DIY wearable kit THE MOVER, a device that encourages movement!

It could be whatever the child can make, move & code it to be.

When we bring technology and play together, we can unleash on the world the most creative generation ever. Creativity will save us!


THE MOVER is the first active play wearable that kids can make and code themselves.  It sparks “imagination and play” through movement-based activities.

It has been co-designed and tested with 300 children and looks to appeal equally to girls and boys aged 8 and over.

The Mover Kit is an intuitive way to learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and solve problems creatively through “computational thinking”:

Make it – Straight out of the box, kids (and parents!) can connect the electronics, case, and accessories together to build their very own Mover Kit. It’s as simple as making a LEGO house or paper airplanes – but way cooler.

Move it – Kids can bring the Mover Kit to life through movement. Slap it on their wrist, attach it to their scooter, make a disco necklace,running with the dog, spinning in the backyard, dancing with dad, scooting to school and exploring outside are just some ways to play with the Mover Kit.

Invent it – Kids can then create their own “modes” on the Mover Kit by programming the motion sensor (accelerometer), compass (magnetometer) and rainbow lights (LEDs) with our online platform called Make, designed specifically for kids to make and code.

It encourages kids to learn by doing what they do best – being active and playing!

There is an online “make platform” with examples of projects to provide inspiration on what to do with the device.

The Mover Kit was named the Forbes’ Toy to Watch in 2016.

Do you want to know how does THE MOVER kit works? Here you have a video where you will find how to make it, move it, and invent it.


We love all TECH WILL SAVE US DIY kits. They add a technological touch to normal things as music, plants, dough or games. The perfect gift to inspire future inventors!

We are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of all young people using hands-on technology. Our award-winning make it yourself kits and digital tools help kids, and the adults that love them, to make, play, code and invent using technology.”

+ info: THE MOVER by Teach Will Save Us