MOLESKINE Alice in Wonderland – Limited edition

I cannot help it. My life is like living in Wonderland.

Sometimes I am always late, like the White Rabbit or crazy and in the need of a cup of tea, like the Hatter. There is also times, not so many, that I feel angry with the world, like the Queen of Hearts.

But I am always curious and looking forward for a new adventure, like Alice and there is nothing better than tea parties and new friends.moleskine-alice-s-adventures-in-wonderland-cute and kids

So why not adding one or two of this wonderful MOLESKINE ALICE IN WONDERLAND Limited Edition to my purse?

alice in wonderland moleskine_tea party_cute and kids

MOLESKINE has worked together with the British library for reproducing original illustrations by John Tenniel on the covers and a reproduction of Lewis Carroll’s handwritten manuscript on the flyleaves.

It is a real treasure and can be found online and in the MOLESKINE stores from 15th of April.

But the way, don’t tell my son that there’s a BATMAN Limited Edition too.