MR. TIGER GOES WILD – Bedtime Story

I have been trying to find books that explain how wonderful is to be different. Even if the others do not understand or approve.

I’ve noticed that many kids, like adults, have problems to accept things that they do not understand or they perceive different.

I really think that this is a pity, as if you cannot be wild and creative when you are a child, maybe you will never have the chance to know what that is.

Mr Tiger goes wild

This is exactly what happens to Mr. Tiger. He wants to be different, he feels he is different.

He does not like life in gray, but in colors. He does not understand why everything is so strict, so polite, so boring. So he stands up and explore bravely what means to be different.

Mr Tiger goes wild


What I like the most about Mr. Tiger is not only that he tried to be himself, to enjoy life, to explore, but that he was able to show his friends that it is ok to be different. He proves to the people around that nothing happens to be a little weird, to show the others that we are unique.

And this is exactly what everybody should learn and try.

Please, feel free to be yourself!