ANIMAL DOODLE, wild animals with drawing costumes

My little loves playing I spy with animals. She says: “mum, can I guess which animal are you thinking now? Give me some clues…” and we can be playing forever and ever…  She loves animals, specially wild animals, so when I showed her ANIMAL DOODLE,  beautiful and wild animals with drawing costumes she was speechless! I admit it, me too.


ANIMAL DOODLE is a project made by Rohan Sharad Dahotre, illustrator and designer from India and a nature and wildlife enthusiast. He is a keen observer who loves exploring the wilderness, and illustrating animals, birds and all things wild.


By utilising photos of wild animals, he combines elements of costume design with classic biro drawing and digital art.

Rohan decorates photos of individual animals in the wild with beautifully elegant tribal designs and patterns that suit each one perfectly.

ANIMAL_DOODL_ cuteandkids_blog

The idea was to experiment with doodles of tribal patterns on photographs of animals in the wild. I have always found inspiration in tribal art and off late in African patterns and designs specifically. My first doodle experiment was a Rhino for which I got a very good response on my social feeds and so I decided to make a series out of the experiment.” Rohan Sharad Dahotre


ANIMAL DOODLE celebrates animals and birds in all their glory by bringing out the beauty of their characteristics, behavior, colors and textures with doodles.

Love this project so much! You can see more over it at Behance.