Art + Human Touch = TEAMLAB


As part of its inaugural Gallery Children’s Biennale, at the National Gallery Singapore, TEAMLAB has realized an art installation that joins high technology with the human touch.


Every artwork tells a story. Themed “Dreams & Stories,” the first edition of Gallery Children’s Biennale invites the inner child in each of us to embark on a creative journey.

This is the main idea of the Gallery Children’s Biennale. Some of the works shown are inspired by myths and legends, introducing kids to people from long ago or places that they have never seen. Others express the artist’s beliefs and concerns about the world we live in. As we explore different forms of art, we begin to learn more about the world and ourselves.


In conjunction with Gallery Children’s Biennale, a series of public programmes, film screenings, special tours for families, and artist-led workshops for children have also been lined up.


As part of its inaugural Gallery Children’s Biennale, TEAMLAB has realized the fifth and largest iteration of its digital artwork ‘homogenizing and transforming world’. 

Visitors find themselves surrounded by a sea of colorful orbs that change in hue when touched. communicating with one another via a wireless connection, the floating spheres transfer sensor information to each other, spreading this data across the entire field of elements so they become unified in color.


‘The internet has spread throughout the world,’ TEAMLAB explains about the inspiration for the project. ‘individuals are connected, and information spreads back and forth freely. People act as intermediaries for information, and the instant the information spreads, the world unites — transforming it in an instant.’


Previously presented in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, TEAMLAB’s ‘homogenizing and transforming world’ unites the worlds of technology and art. the orbs are packed with data-collecting sensors that monitor and mimic human touch. Simple human contact has the capacity to change the color of a sphere’s exterior skin, which in turn, alters the hue of the entire room.

‘homogenizing and transforming world’ is one of ten interactive installations presented from now through october 8, 2017 at National Gallery Singapore.