We are fans of talented people like Gosia Mosz, It’s probably this name does not rings you, but I’m sure you know her artistic work under the name MAYO NMG.

You don’t know how, but suddenly a piece of art catch your attention, and you fall in love with It forever and ever.

That just was that happened to me, when I discovered a year ago Gosia Mosz’s instagram account.  I really love the delicate strokes and the fragility of the figures she draws.


You can buy this poster at STRANGER IN MY HOME






Gosia Mosz aka Mayo’m NMG, is an artist, mother and children’s book illustrator. After completing art school, Gosia spent several years traveling and working as an artist throughout Europe before settling in London, UK.

She has put her creative talents to work by working in advertising, doing creative styling on photographic shoots, and most of all, by illustrating children’s books.

As a traditionalist, Gosia is never happier than when working with the traditional tools of her craft—brushes, pencils, paints—and savoring the moment of putting watercolors on paper.  Such is her love of art that she often uses her own handmade vintage paper for her illustrations.

Her childhood memories influence her work enormously, with reminiscences of climbing trees to pick cherries, catching frogs, and playing with friends, all of which show up in her art. Her own dog and cat have also been known to make an illustrative appearance from time to time.



Illustrating books for children all over the world, she thought it would be exciting to pull her art and illustrations off the page and into the bedrooms of children. This was the birth of the Stranger in my home, artwork produced with her husband and their three-year Frank, who is their very discerning creative director.

When producing their goods they try to use small, independent local business so that they can support local communities and keep theirselves as green as possible.

They are planning many new projects for children and the young at heart; the store will soon have giclee art print , wooden toys, textiles etc available for you to buy.

We are absolutely fascinated with GOSIA MOSZ drawings, so delicate and so cute! We can’t wait for her another pieces of art.

Congrats Gosia, you are a talented artist!.

You can follow her art here and at her INSTAGRAM account.

All Photos © Mayo Nmg