Leo Nar Do paints + How to talk to children about modern art


What do you think about this piece of art? Do you like it? I love it. I am very impressed by this talented artist.

I am an art lover. Last February I visited for the first time ARCOmadrid 2018, the International Contemporary Art Fair focus on the latest artistic trends. It was a pleasure to walk through all the incredible art galleries,  a very interesting selection of contemporary art made by the best art-galleries in the world.

I enjoyed it a lot, specially Juan Genoves works, and the sculptural ensemble titled Aleppo by Francisco Leiro. It was one of the most incredible personal experiences in my whole life.

And at the end of that day I discovered Leo Nar Do paints.



I suppose it was the INSTAGRAM algorithm who took me to the IG account of such an incredible little apprentice of painter, who is only 4 years old.

Yes! It is not a mistake, the painter of the piece of art in the header is only 4 years old. Both, he and his dad José Rodríguez Pastrana paint these pieces of art. Awesome, isn’t it?

This little boy’s paintings are a mixture of Jean-Michel BasquiatJean Dubuffet, Alexandra Huber,  Eduardo Chillida and Takashi Murakami, but he has his own personality when he draws. I specially love the way they mix the colors. These paints are inspired in art brut, a French term that translates as ‘raw art’, invented by the French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art such as graffiti or naïve art which is made outside the academic tradition of fine art.


I think it is no necessary to “understand” art to enjoy it. When I go to the museums, or to the art galleries I guide myself by intuition and how I feel when I admire a piece of art.

For me, it is important to open our eyes, let all our five senses run free and have no prejudices about what we see. I think we should respect every artist’s idea, even when we don’t understand it. We must pay attention in the same way a kid would do it.


“Try looking the way the child looks—as if always for the first time—and you will, I promise, feel wider awake.” Learning by Heart.

At the end of my visit to the trade fair I bought a book:[amazon_textlink asin=’071123289X’ text=’How to talk to children about modern art’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’fe6c4fb8-2b4c-11e8-ad0b-9f0fe8f57d18′] by Françoise Barbe-Gal. My idea is to read this book to my children for a year, because we have a plan: next year we will visit ARCOmadrid as a family.


The buildings over the head of this piece of art remind a representative element of Jean Dubuffet works. 

Are you and your kids interested in modern art? I have been looking for other books to explain art to kids, here you have my selection:

  • [amazon_textlink asin=’0500515891′ text=’What is contemporary art?’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’253338e6-2b4d-11e8-8e19-89876408d517′] A children’s guide By Jackie and Suzie Klein.
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’1782406085′ text=’Great Art in 30 seconds:’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’2f4be7ff-2b4d-11e8-be06-5ffcbd9283fe’] 30 Awesome Art Topics for Curious Kids By Susie Hodge.
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B00LKIYWA0′ text=’13 Art Movements Children Should Know’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’39e70e1d-2b4d-11e8-9be1-a515bc24f853′] By Brad Finger.
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’0714847062′ text=’The art book for children ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’620d8735-2b4d-11e8-9740-cb1476f313f4′]one and second volume By PHAIDON.
  • Seen art? By Jon Scieszka.
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’1847807658′ text=’Tell me a picture’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’8897dc83-2b4d-11e8-b83f-f586f94db9b2′] By Quentin Blake.
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’8499795536′ text=’Modern Art Journal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’971daa71-2b4d-11e8-be06-5ffcbd9283fe’] By Mary Richards.
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’1613731779′ text=’Modern Art Adventures:’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’a45e2798-2b4d-11e8-a8dc-9bfb498f99f6′] 36 Creative, Hands-On Projects Inspired by Artists from Monet to Banksy By Maja Pitamic.

and last but not least this interesting article: Looking at and Talking about Art with Kids by Roland Craig.



Maybe one day this little 4 years’ old boy will be a great artist and his paintings will be hanged on the walls of the best international contemporary art trade fairs. Keep an eye on him!

All the images of this post belongs to @leo_nar_do_paints  I encourage you to follow this little artist!

Thanks to my dear friend Luz G. for guiding me  through the art universe. 



Making art together is a great idea for sharing your free time with your kids.

Happy Father’s Day!