MAR CERDÀ – 3D Illustrations

I love illustrations, I love stories and I love miniatures. These 3 things, mixed together with the best taste and care, is exactly what Mar Cerdà does.

Her dioramas are stories by themselves and I can spent hours looking at them and imagining what is going to happen afterwards.


“It’s like a kind of meditation,” says Spanish illustrator Mar Cerdà . “I lose myself in the cutting and the details, then I forget to eat or what time it is.”

She studied Cinema, specializing in Art Direction, and when she was asked to illustrate her first book, 2D was not enough. She started building little houses for her first characters and she was completely hooked up by the experience.


Now she works for several publishing firms illustrating children books, but also display her dioramas in different galleries around the world. One of her latest and most known works is a tribute to Wes Anderson displayed in the Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco.

I am in love with every of the pieces she developed, but the train of Daarjeling Limited is one of my favorite. The detail in the suitcases, the bunk beds and even the clothes hanging around is just exquisite.


Telling stories through art is a gift, a talent that not many people has, and Mar do have it.

She also builds dioramas of her travels around the world, like these Portuguese doors that you can find in her online shop.


Mar is a punch full of creativity that your children will love. Show her work to them and try to build something similar together or simply, imagine the stories coming out of every of her dioramas. Does not sound like fun?