Mckenzie Fisk art, cool prints for your kids’ room

Mckenzie Fisk is an amazing talented artist from LA who paints the fragility of the childhood experience.

Fisk paints children and animals together in a surreal realism style to represent the raw, uncorrupted childhood experience. She is an exponent of the realistic painting so popular today.

Are you ready to watch some of the greatest artworks ever?

Animals exist alongside of us, though they essentially experience life in an unadulterated way. They have no verbal language or social obligations to manipulate how they view the world around them.


As kids, we are unencumbered by physical limitations and largely unclouded by pre-conceived thoughts about the world. Most experiences are new, we lived those moments in the present, and simple things brought us the most joy. There is a purity about this time that is easily forgotten.


Mckenzie Fisk paintings bring us back to those times. While they represent imagined moments from her personal history, relatable childhood moments allow the viewer to enter and experience the depicted scene with memories of their own.


Kids dancing next to swans, walking with wildebeests, lying with tigers, eating with tigers, blowing bubbles with giraffes, dancing with penguins… When and where would such a peaceful world be possible?

There is no need for a verbal language to understand her work, the visual impact is a silent emotion, a feeling of peace with an understanding and mindfulness of the heart.


Just simply enjoy! You can follow Fisk at her IG account @mckenzie_fisk_art . And if you like them so much you want to decorate your kids room, you can buy them here.