Do you remember “The Beach” exhibition that took place at the National Building Museum in Washington last summer?

Back in January, Dupont Underground launched an open design competition dubbed “Re-Ball!” to create an installation using those leftover plastic balls. They received 92 proposals for remaking the unused space material.

02 cuteandkids re-ball

New York based studio Hou de Sousa was the winner of this design competition with the “Raise/Raze” proposal. They have transformed the hundreds of thousands of plastic balls into tens of thousands of blocks that visitors can rearrange inside the space.

The design team explains the concept:

“Raise/Raze is like sand in a massive sandbox, something akin to a life sized Lego set, or a real-world version of the popular video game Minecraft, which allows users to alter their surroundings with ease.”

Reservations will be required for admission to the “ReBall!: Raise/Raze” installation, which is scheduled to open on April 30th and run until June 1. You can help The Dupont Underground create and install Re-Ball! in Washington, D.C with this crowdfunding campaign.