THATMuse Treasure Hunt At the Museum

THATMuse stands for Treasure Hunt at the Museum. All you need are freshly charged batteries in your phone/camera, comfy shoes & a keen sense of curiosity!

Going to the museum with kids never was so fun!



THATMuse started out as THATLou (au Louvre) in 2012. It was expanded to create THATd’Or (Musée d’Orsay) in 2013 and in 2014  took a dip outside the museums with THATRue (Latin Quarter and Marais). Finally in it was commissioned by the British Museum to create a hunt for adults in their ‘Friday Lates‘.

Our mission is to engage hunters on their scout for treasure (the art of the museums), by injecting a bit of adrenaline, interaction and learning into your museum visit.

Teams of 2 to 4 people have to photograph themselves in front of as many treasures as possible within the given amount of time. Poof! The very notion of “Museum Legs” disappears.




The goal? To make hunters want to – voluntarily – return to the galleries after their hunt. That’s why them provide a huge amount of treasures to be found making almost impossible to find all  treasures within a 90 min to 2 hour hunt. Hunters will need to create a strategy (or come back again)

After a 2-hour visit, do your kids typically lead you back into the museum?

This initiative was born due to the fact that 80% of the 35K visitors that the Louvre have daily go straight to the Mona Lisa and then leave the museum. That’s a crime THATMuse tries to solve, focusing you on a theme, whilst expanding interest in quieter corners you might not think to visit on your own.

Moreover it’s FUN, the inevitably pump of  adrenaline produced in the chase of as many treasures as possible within the given time.



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The scavenger hunt is organised around a certain topic in the museum to keep you focused on the art and learn a bit more along the way.

Kids usually get bores easily at the museum, so turning your visit into game is an awesome idea! And don’ t forget the rule: “stay together and don’t run”.



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If you are planning a trip to Paris or London, don’t miss this wonderful initiative to bring children back to museums!

THATMuse is curated by a team formed by an American (Daisy de Plume, Founder and Creative Director), an Argentine (Hernan, CEO), a Brit (Annie, head of French Operations), an Aussie (Raelene, Musée d’Orsay consultant) and a Swiss-Australian-Brit (Barbara, Graphics Consultant).

You don’ t need to know about art to play. They aim is to introduce you to the museums and whet the art-historical appetite of non-art lovers and connoisseurs alike!

All existing hunts are offered in  English. Some of the Paris hunts (at the Louvre and for THATRue) are also offered in French and Spanish. And they are in the process of launching a Spanish hunt at the British Museum.

We would love that more museums would participate in this wonderful initiative!. Any museum director among our followers?

THATMuse is a fantastic find. It is original, entertaining, educational and just plain fun for all ages. Add this plan to your  “to do” list for your next Paris or London visit.


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