NIMBUS by Berndnaut Smilde. When art is a dream

Nimbus, clouds by Berndnaut Smilde

We truly believe that art and children should go together, that museums are not only for grown-ups, that exhibitions should be open to anyone.

So when we find art that it is as magical as Berndnaut Smilde clouds, that it is really like living inside a dream, we have the need to share it with you, with everyone.

Nimbus, clouds created by Berndnaut Smilde. Seen in Cute and Kids blog

Berndnaut Smilde has found the way to create real clouds, ethereal sculptures that last less than 10 seconds. He looks for special locations and works preferably with architectural photographers to inmortalise that ephemeral work of art. They are called NIMBUS and we love them.

Physics and art, dreams and photography all together.

Nimbus and church by Berndnaut Smilde, seen in Cute and Kids blog

Don’t you think that children will love it?



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