THE PRESENT – A short film that will make you smile

Today I want to share a short film that will touch you, that will make you think and smile.

I saw it in a flight,  it was shared in the plain tv while I was falling asleep and I found it so inpiring, that I have to show it here.

4 minutes that remind us that it is possible to achive what we dream in life, if we really start doing something about it. It could be difficult, seem almost impossible, but if you try, if you push yourself, you will be able to do it.

And of course, that we have to live every minute of our life. Enjoy it and not hide from it. As one of my friends would say, #joiedevivre .

The present is a short film written and directed by Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler in 2014. As a result of all the crititcs and awards, they got a job at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studies.

Enjoy it!.