The new RENAULT SCENIC  family fun model has evolved and now all of the family members make decisions together. So children are a fundamental part of decision-making and brands have to address them too.

This is the core of the idea behind Renault‘s new campaign by Proximity Madrid in Spain.


While presenting their new model of family car, the Renault Scénic, they decided to split the message in two differentiated catalogues: one for the adults made by adults and one made exclusively by children for children.

This is the first car catalogue made by kids for kids. Ask for a copy!

The children’s catalogue was designed at a series of workshops involving 10 children (aged between 6 and 9) where they were presented the new Renault model and asked to explain the main innovations of the new Scénic range in their own words. Once this step was complete, a workshop was set up for each of them to create all the copy, drawings and effects for the other children to read later.

In this catalogue, “little influencers” will come across fluorescent ink that shines in the dark, different roads that they will have to cover with stickers, an incredible pop-up made by the children themselves, hidden toys that they have to discover, a recipe for making delicious biscuits and, of course, a page where they can draw their own Renault Scénic.

This is a creative ad, and a creative way to involve kids in adults decisions.