SIMPLE MACHINES APP | kids learning physics

Do you have small children and want them to learn physics in a fun and creative way?

I love the funny apps with an educational proposal, like SIMPLE MACHINES, an app that will allow our littles ones to explore the fun and playful side of physics.  Your kids will enjoy experimenting with physics concepts like force, movements, actions and reactions, while they play with levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, wheels / axels and screws.

My girl has enjoyed previous titles from Tinybop, and she will love SIMPLE MACHINES, the latest iOS app by Tinybop too!

“In Simple Machines kids can destroy a castle with a lever, make music with inclined planes, send satellites into orbit with a set of pulleys, lift fish tanks with screws, travel through a wondrous world with wheels and axles, and split an iceberg with a wedge.”

For extra aid, read Simple machines HANDBOOK