SUPER SHADOWS by Jason Ratliff

Have you ever thought about how many things a child learns every day?

And not, I am not talking only about maths and reading. I am talking about learning how to behave in certain situations, or how this expression in other’s person face relate to a feeling. Learning to grab the spoon and eating without spilling, or how to share and play in a group. Exhausting!

I am sure that every kid have a super hero inside, exactly as it is shown in this SUPER SHADOWS by Jason Ratliff.

thor_super-shados_jason-ratliff_ seen in cuteandkids blog

Everything started some years ago when Jason Ratliff created a series titled “Walking Shadows“. All of them connected very well with the public, specially one picturing a boy with his superhero shadow.

Superman-Super-Shadows-seen in Cuteandkids blog

The image isn’t necessarily about the superhero, Jason says. It’s about a child’s imagination and potential. It’s about how a kid can be anything they want to be. The guy in the cape just helps represent those aspirations. The hero they see themselves as, or one day being. Whatever kind or hero that may be.

Batman_Super-ShadowsJason-Ratliff_seen in CuteandKids blog

catwoman_super-shadows_jasonratliff_seen in cuteandkids blog

So think about what they can be, how much they can achieve if we believe in them, if we support them and let them fly.

Now you will start to see super shadows everywhere. Superheroes. Because they really are.

flash_super shadows_jason ratliff_seen in CuteandKids blog

SUPER SHADOWS can be bought at CURIOOS, where you can enjoy also the rest of Jason Ratliff’s work.