SUSHI POLICE animated film about Japanese food

SUSHI POLICE is a new 3DCG animated series launched January the 6th.

This animated serie is inspired by the Japanese Goverment ‘s attempt to regulate global Japanese restaurants, known as the “Sushi Police” incident.

In 2006 Toshikatsu Matsuo – then the Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forest, and Fisheries – proposed creating a certification program that would attempt to regulate restaurants serving Japanese food in countries other than Japan. The idea was ostensibly to maintain a base level of quality, but the proposal was roundly mocked by international press and given the nickname “sushi police”.


Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki are the main characters of a team of Japanese anti-heroes who are not cool and not brave, fighting against the powers of sushi overseas.

In the story, Japan created WFCO (World Food-culture Conservation Organization) and sent inspectors from the 9th division, known as the “Sushi Police”, to judge whether Japanese fare overseas is authentic.

Some want to defend authentic food culture. Others want to restore their right to eat what they like. They are opposite sides of the same sushi”.sushi-police-characters-animated-serieO-M-G this new animated series made me smile! Spain should have done this too! Paella police 😉

I hope this cartoons get my daughters like Japanese food as much as me.