Until sometime in the 1980s, playgrounds were places for social experiments, risky projects and spectacular sculptures. Architects, urban planners, artists, parents and children were invited to leave their comfort zones and to venture something new in the design and use of playgrounds.

Curated by Gabriela Burkhalter, The Playground Project is an exhibition that takes place at The Kunsthalle Zürich and will bring many of these exemplary, but nowadays forgotten initiatives, pioneering acts, and adventures back, and install three playgrounds for children to run, hide and climb. May our cities invent new playgrounds!

01 cuteandkids playground project

The Playground Project explores these exemplary initiatives, pioneering acts and adventures in designing modern childhood.

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The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalog introducing, discussing and illustrating numerous projects: The Playground Project, edited by Gabriela Burkhalter, with contributions by Daniel Baumann, Gabriela Burkhalter, Vincent Romagny, Sreejata Roy, and Xavier de la Salle, German / English, Kunsthalle Zürich / JRP|Ringier 2016.

And remember,  if any of our greatest fans travel to Zurich, please bring us this catalogue! It is a must have book!

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Opening: Friday, February 19, 2016

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