The Underwater fancy dress parade – Bedtime story

If there is something completely true out there is that boys (or girls) do not have to be always brave and there is not always an exact time to do things.

I do not like the idea of setting times for learning things, for being ready. Children are not all equal and in many occasions, they need some space and their own time to start doing something, to feel comfortable with themselves.

the underwater fancy dress parade_whale_cuteandkids

For that reason we love Alfie’s story, because sometimes you are not ready, until one day, you are.

Written by Davina Bell and illustrated by Allison Colpoys, THE UNDERWATER FANCY-DRESS PARADE  is a little gem in itself.

A book that we read once and again because it is not always easy to live with our anxieties, with what we think people expect of us.  It is important for me that my children understand that it is ok to be scared and it is ok to stop now and try again later.


Which type of fish are you? Do you feel like the perfect and shiny starfish or like Alfie and my little one you prefer to be the shy clownfish? Tell us, we really want to know.

the underwater fancy dress parade_cover1_cute and kids


Another bedtime story.


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