TOOT APP by Federico Lameri {interactive toy}

TOOT is an interactive toy designed for children aged between three and six years old. Toot wants, through tangible play, to create a new type of musical experience, where children can explore concepts like sequence and composition.

TOOT is composed by eight little cubical speaker boxes. On each speaker children are able to record a sound. In order to listen back to the recorded sound the speaker must be shaken as if the sound was physically trapped into a box. After having recorded sounds on them, the speakers can be placed in a sequence after Mr.toot, and by tapping on his head it is possible to trigger the playback of the speakers in a sequence. It´s also matched with a mobile application that offers different kind of interactions and experiences. It allows to play some exercise that will teach children to listen, understand and catalog sound and melodies.


Toot represent a new way to introduce children to music in the very early stages of their lives without taking away the fun factor. The application matched with the play-set allows a set of exercises where children can learn about music and language.”