THE UNSTOPPABLES app – a game about integration

the unstoppable app, seen in cute and kids blog

The Unstoppables app introduces a diverse group of four young friends with complementary strengths:

  • Melissa, who is blind, can reach high objects with her cane.
  • Mai can jump over obstacles and crawls under them.
  • Achim, who is in a wheelchair, can travel quickly, transporting one other person. He can also read (the others cannot).
  • Jan moves a bit slower than his friends, but can lift and carry heavy objects (including, when necessary, Achim).

With the Unstoppables app my kids will learn to respect diversity and will understand that teamwork overcomes obstacles.

I really think that not being able to walk or see, or any other incapacity, don´t make you unable. You simply should adapt, so you will become able in a different way.

I would like my kids to understand that we all are different, that being disable does not make them incapable.  Integration through apps and books, will support this goal.

The  Unstoppables app is available in iTunes. 

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