Jesse Burke is member of Childhood Unplugged, father and photographer, and also the author of The Wild & Precious.  

The Wild & Precious is a  book that brings together  treasures from a series of road trips traveled over 5 years by the photographer and his daughter Clover. During those travels they explored together the natural world, while Jesse looked for encouraging a connection between his child and nature.


“Together this father-and-daughter team studied beaches, land, sky, and animals. While on the road, they documented the routes they drove, the landscapes they discovered, the creatures they encountered, even the roadside motels where they slept. This book is as much about love and parenting as it is a hands-on training manual of new age environmentalism. Wild & Precious reveals the fragile, complicated relationship that humans share with nature and serves as a call to arms for parents and children everywhere: Get outside! Bookended by poetic letters the two wrote to one another, Wild & Precious is a modern-day love story between parent and child, natural world and society. Burke writes, “I want my children to genuinely understand how magical the world we inhabit is and how we, as humans, are an integral part of the system. I want them to feel a deep connection to every aspect of their surroundings.””

I read about this book and I realised I should spend more time with my two little princesses, connecting with the magic of the natural world.

If you have an INSTAGRAM account, you must follow Jesse Burke, who was recently named one of the Time Magazine’s top 50 US photographers to follow on Instagram.