WILD + FREE is the most inspiring homeschooling community. Their aim is not only to give a quality education to their children, but also to let children enjoy  their childhood.

Our Desire is to Give Our Children a Quality Education But Also to Preserve The Adventure, Freedom and Wonder of Childhood.


In May 2016 will be published the second collection of Wild & Free content in a printed magazine. The WILD + FREE Collection 2 will feature some of the best articles from their contributors over the past year, including  interesting features as Montessori Mat at Home by Michelle Garrels or Trust Your Instincts by Ainsley Arment.



Although WILD + FREE is a community dedicated to homeschooling families, each month they focus on a book and choose an inspiring theme that all families would enjoy.

I chose to send my girls to a private school, but these magazine could be a support for their education.

To get a better feel of the bundles you can download the Prairie bundle for free here.

The one thing all homeschooling parents have in common is a total commitment to providing their children with an education of the highest quality.

Are you interested in homeschooling? What do you think about this type of education? Do you think it would be possible to educate your kids at home in your country? Have you been following Courtney Adamo family adventure around the world?

Lots of questions, perhaps too many, but if you are interested in this growing tendency that homeschooling seems to be,  you recommend you to follow the WILD + FREE community.