WUWU & Co. a magical picture book

 Wuwu & Co. is an award winning interactive children’s book. It offers the magical experience of “stepping in” to the story’s space and become part of it.

It really feels like a book coming to life: with playful music, the crunching of snow and pretty, modern animal illustrations. For interacting with the characters and being part of the story you only have to tilt and shake the device.

Are you ready for something completely different?


The story is written by Merete Helle and illustrated by children’s book illustrator Kamila Slocinska. The interaction design is made by Tim Garbos, translated into English by Paul Garrett, and narrated by the wonderful Alistair Findlay.

Wuwu & Co. – A magical picture book is produced and developed by Step In Books.

WUWU & Co | Download it on the APPLE STORE or get it on GOOGLE PLAY.