A “See you later” and some personal thoughts

The end of last year brought me a “special” present. One morning I woke up and half of my body was having a life on its own.

I went on an ambulance for the very first time and spent the New Year’s celebration connected to a machine and working to gain control of my body and my life.

Now, almost half a year later I can say that I am back to ‘normal‘ life, although I have to admit that I will never be able to play handball at a professional level (says me, the person that never got to go to the gym);).

On this journey, I’ve considered many times how having a ‘normal’ life could lead to loose control and break your body apart. I have no answers, except that ‘normal’ seems to be like an accordion, stretching or enlarging to fit our special needs and situations.

Not long time ago, I listened to Greta Thunberg saying that the children’s future was stolen every time someone says: “the sky is the limit” or “you only live once” .

This resonated on me. I thought on how hard we are working to reach everything, how much time we are spending on getting there, on proving ourselves, on being what we are expected to be and not what we are. So much time and effort for being able to enjoy only half of it.

This is why I have decided to stop. To stop and listen to my body. To spend my afternoons chasing my children while riding their bikes, to read a book, to have a nap. Time to consider how my life is affecting others and while living my one life, making sure I am doing everything to preserve this world for the ones that are coming after.

Too many things and too little time.

I love being here. I love discovering new things and sharing them with you all, but I do not have time for everything. Not yet, at least.

So I come to say “See you soon”, “Enjoy your life and listen to yourself”.

I really hope you do not need a ‘present’ like mine to consider what is worth, to stop and listen to yourself. You are still on time to slow down, to press pause and do not chase the starts.

Although I really want to slow down, I cannot stop being that curious, passionate person interested in too many things, so I will still be around in my instagram @conchig, if you want to be in touch.

It has been a pleasure getting to meet you and spend all these years together. See you around!