HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro, an architecture firm specialized in childcare facilities, has designed this new nursery to the local community of Kagoshima. The main decision of the new project was to raise the floor level to avoid water flooding. It is located only several minutes from the East China Sea and the problem is that it is only 3m above sea level.

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This decision indirectly created a variety of spaces at different height levels, all connected by staircases, slides and even ropes of different sizes. In architect’s words “the idea was to create an environment that children would enjoy moving through”.  It is a way to stimulate curiosity and creativity. And in this case, an initial idea that solved a flooding problem, it has turned into a way to increase children’s activity level in daily life.

Sometimes, small decisions taken during the design phase, are those that define a great building.

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