Projects with soul: TIC TAC by PLAYOFFICE


PLAYOFFICE is a full-service architecture and design studio specialized in children environment, from domestic scale up to public spaces.

They describe their job like this: PLAYOFFICE design spaces and things for kids that encourage creativity, emotional intelligence, physicomotor habilities and cohabitation.

I think they have forgotten the most important one: PLAYOFFICE give a soul to the spaces they take part in.

Their last project is TIC TAC.

Sometimes, a doctor needs to look inside our body so that they can see what’s wrong and help us feel better. A CT scan is one way that doctors can take really detailed pictures of our insides so that they can help us.

The CT scanner is a big machine that has several moving parts and a big tunnel in the center. You lay down on the table, and it moves through the hole where the machine takes pictures of our body.

Have you ever faced the aseptic room of a CT scanner in a hospital? I do. I was terrified. I was an adult.

Can you imagine how a kid can feel when he or she face a CT scan?

PLAYOFFICE and JUEGATERAPIA FOUNDATION joined forces and together they designed a more friendly space, which turned that medical test into a game: TIC TAC. In Spanish: “While you make TIC the TAC (CT) is already”.

The TIC TAC project has a double objective:

  • eliminate any fear that children may feel about the test through clear and understandable information: it does not hurt, the time it lasts, what is going to happen step by step and what what the doctor will do during the test.
  • entertain, proposing games for children to be entertained during this long and boring test.

When the children are in the waiting rooms they receive a small booklet full of hobbies and information. The space also proposes other fun tests of visual acuity, and the final test is to find a golden butterfly hidden inside the TAC room . If they are able to solve them, they will have their small reward.

This is how PLAYOFFICE converted a medical test that used to intimidate them, into a game experience with anecdotes to tell their family.

Because when you choose your profession you can choose to design spaces, to design beautiful spaces or to design spaces with soul.

Judith, Jose Carlos, Inés and Javier chose make kids happy.

Can you imagine a better way to give a soul to your project than a kids smile?

Wonderful, isn’t it?

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