BASURAMA Collective or how to design a playground

Colectivo BASURAMA

Today we will give you some homework for the weekend. A small publication of BASURAMA Collective with ideas, reflections, methodologies and much more, applicable in playground design projects.

The school yard is the place where learning of the use of public space and social relations takes place. In today’s society, the playground is no longer simply an empty space next to the school building to become a very important space in the training of children.

Fortunately there is growing awareness of this fact. And although much work remains to be done, the past few years have made much progress in this way.

We have already posted about BASURAMA It is a collective dedicated to the research, creation and cultural and environmental production founded in 2001 in the School of Architecture of Madrid. Their philosophy is based on finding the waste where it would not be so obvious to find them and study the garbage in all its formats, to give them a totally different use. And that’s why we like it so much.

BASURAMA patio escolar

You can download the pdf of “Cómo intervenir un patio escolar” here. (sorry, only in Spanish…)