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Now that the weather is perfect, at least in Copenhagen, I would love to move to Janniche’s house.

Janniche, most known as @bloggaibais in instagram, lives in Stockholm, Sweden and has one of my favorite blogs of nordic interior design.

Her house is minimalistic, but not boring. Full of color and good taste, it is an inspiration if you are looking to give an special touch to your own home, are you coming with us?

Let me start by the garden today. Nordic Summers are usually milder than the Spanish ones I am used, so the garden is like another room in the house. Furniture is bought or built to make them comfortable, textiles and cushions are placed everywhere (blankets included, as evenings could be cold) and the garden is taken care with flowers and aromatic plants.

Almost like heaven. What do you think of that beautiful wooden house? A paradise for the little ones!

The kitchen is facing to the garden and open to the dining room. I really love how she gives the room character by using a not so common color for the kitchen cabinets. Dark colors tend to fill a room, but they have solved it by not using top cabinets in the entire wall. Brilliant!

They even have a stove in the kitchen, perfect for the dark days of Winter. I want one for mine!

Janniche explains all the details in this post. Her blog tries to document the renovation and decoration of her rowhouse in Bagarmossen and you can find there her thinking process, diy and really good advice.

The main bedroom is also in the ground floor and they have used dark colors for the decoration. She was inspired by the rooms in the Nofo Hotel, hotel rooms are always so cosy, aren’t they?

But as always, my favorite are the children bedroom. They are located upstairs, together with the living room and they are amazing.

She let her daughter choose the color for hers: pink, of course. After many trials she found the perfect shade and now the room look as amazing as this:

As their rooms are in the top floor of the house they have slooping ceiling. At the beginning they thought in made to measure wardrobes, but they were too expensive, so they decided to use PAX furniture customised with MDF panels and painted matching the bedroom theme color. I find them super cool and a good inspiration for every children’s room.

Her son’s bedroom is painted in the perfect blue shade. It is amazing how different a room looks like when you customise some of the decoration elements: as the IKEA FROSTA stools, that almost everyone has at home. She just cut the legs to her children size and painted the top. Together with the Depeapa print and the pencil cases from Don Fisher made the room the perfect spot for coloring or playing.

The rooms ara amazing, aren’t day?
The living room is located right in the middle of the bedrooms, in the second floor. It is comfortable and with plenty of space for all the family. They can share the space, but without feeling it crowded. They customised again some of the furniture, making the room unique. I am sure you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration.

In the north of Europe, it is very normal to use the basement as an extension of the house. In Janninche’s basement there is a large bathroom, laundry room, family room, hall and boiler room. In most houses (mine among them), basements are messy, fill with furniture you have discarted from other rooms and not so fancy as the floors upstairs. This is not Janninche’s case, of course. Their converted family room, that extends as guest’s room, is perfect. I love the touch of the pink door!

I also recommend you to see the before and after of their main bathroom, also located in the basement. Another example of how good taste Janninche has.

I will continue talking about her house and sharing pictures on and on, but I prefer that you will go and have a look to her instagram account: @bloggaibagis.

Thanks Janninche to let us share your house. It is truly amazing!

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