• one 5 years old girl

  • one 8 years old girl

  • 56 recycled cardboard boxes

  • basic paint colors

  • various yellow and black paper sheets to cut near 500 windows

  • more than 200 people drawn

  • one weekend

  • patience

You just need to mix all the ingredients to make this model of Vic’s Major Square and the great blue lighted Christmas tree that is placed in the middle every year.

When you are an architect and your daughters have spent all her life between projects, plans and models, they feel very happy when you ask them to built such a special work. They cross this square everyday on her way to school, so it was a very well known site.

00 VIC

We always have loved playing with our daughters with materials, structures, composition, volumes. And this is how Estudi KRAFT was born. A place where your kids can use their imagination to create whatever they want, specially architecture related works.

You can see this model until January 2016 at El Petit Tresor, an incredible bookstore for kids and youth.

04 Estudi KRAFT

05 Estudi KRAFT

03 Estudi KRAFT

02 Estudi KRAFT