SMALL is a Foundation that aids children with cancer in healing and wellness matters.

Recently, a new Children’s Daytime Oncology and Haematology Center has been built in the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona. It is a space where young patients and their families receive medical, personal and emotional attention. This is why it is called a ‘Care Park’.

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Plasencia Arquitectura has been the author of this architecture project and Toormix Studio, a Barcelona based studio, has been in charge of the graphic design, which includes naming, brand design and visual code for all the hospital services.  They designed three different areas: the waiting room, designed around natural environment, the medical area, inspired by the universe, and the treatment and boxes area, designed as a racing circuit.

It has been completely funded by donations from different foundations, institutions and individuals.

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Small Foundation was created in December 2007 with the intention to contribute, even in a small way, in the fight against children cancer. The founders, Laura Lucaya and Nacho Mercadé did so, following a personal experience with their son Pablo. You can read the complete story of this Foundation here.

In order to help children with cancer to receive the best possible treatment, Small Foundation allocates the donations to clinical care and family support projects.

In Spain, there are 142 new diagnosis of cancer per million in children between the ages of 0 to 15 years, which represent more than 900 new cases each year. It is the main medical cause of child mortality in patients over 1 year old. Survival rates exceed 79%, and although paediatric cancer mortality is decreasing, there is still a proportion of children who do not respond to conventional treatments.

In Catalonia for example,  there are about 200 new cases per year and currently around 500 children are receiving treatment.

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Maybe you find that today’s post is a bit too long, but we believe that every minute spent promoting the work of this Foundation is a well spent minute.

Photos by Adria Goula.