BEANHOME eco-friendly furniture for contemporary families


I discovered this made-in-Spain furniture brand two weeks ago through a post of a friend’s blog.  Then, when I wrote the post about THE SOCIALITE FAMILY first book,  I thought that BEANHOME design is the kind of furniture one expects to find in one of those nice houses with lots of personality that are published in The Socialite Family blog.

We design pieces that create fresh and timeless spaces to facilitate daily life” BEANHOME team

Based in Madrid, Leticia Marañón and Camino Alfaro are founders of BEANHOME. They design contemporary furniture for families, or as they say “furniture for big kids“, for our inner child.   

At Beanhome we design furniture that creates fresh, timeless spaces +
The first step towards creating a design is to imagine it +
We should always surround ourselves with objects that reflect our personality.”

Leticia Marañón & Camino Alfaro PHILOSOPHY

BEANHOME designs look for the proportion and purity of the lines, combining several materials in one piece. Works pigmented and natural woods: Ash, beech, oak and chestnut treated with water varnish. Lacquers and felts of color.

This eco-friendly furniture works both for kids’ rooms and adult spaces. Leticia and Camino design simple and functional pieces that create fresh, lively and timeless spaces.

BEANHOME furniture versatility allows you to customize the spaces as many times as you need.

We love CEBRA BED (featured image) because we like our friends stay with us at home. Inspired by the transforming power of nature, Cebra bed is a design full of possibilities. With its pull-out system, It can be a chaise longe, a single bed or a king size bed. If you have visitors, Cebra will convert into two beds.


Note, If you want they design your own project, they can personalize those furniture with wich you have been dreaming. Ask them for BEAN PROJECT.

A reason  to choose this brand? They believe in the importance of being surrounded by objects that reflect our personality.

Check out their website, Instagram or Facebook for some great design inspiration!


BEANHOME  CALLE MÉJICO, 11   28028 MADRID  SPAIN  See location in Google Maps