Beautiful natural history illustrations by KELZUKI


If you liked our post: Give art for kids this Christmas, I am sure you will enjoy with these beautiful natural history illustrations created by Kelsey Oseid, aka KELZUKI.

Most children love animals, and most of us feel a special attraction for whales, that is the reason why CETACEA is my favorite KELZUKIS’ s poster serie.

Give your kids beautiful natural history illustrations this Christmas. Give Animal Kingdom.


Kelsey Oseid, is a freelance illustrator and artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is well-known for her animal-a-day project which she started in January 2016. Kelzuki’s Animal Kingdom now encompasses over 500 creatures from 18 different taxonomic groups.

Her art is focused on natural history, and she describe herself as a “hobbyist naturalist“. She cares for the animal world, and she uses her art as an extension of that passion. She paints things to understand them.

She is a massive natural history nerd – her passion began when se took botanical illustration classes as a teenager- so what she love the MOST about her work is that it justifies her spending obsessive amounts of time learning about natural history. She states that she is not a scientist, but she think of herself as a science enthusiast- “my worldview is really centered around science and the more I can celebrate and promote that, the better!”. 

She wants everything she makes to have an educational element, but she also wants it to feel beautiful and honoring and celebratory about the Earth’s amazing bounty and complexity.


We encourage you to use this beautiful natural history illustrations to learn a little bit more about zoology and biology with kids.




But Kelsey Oseid not only loves animals, she is also interested in astronomy and stars. In September 2017, she released What We See in the Stars, in which she renders the history, science, and myths of our solar system in stunning hand-painted art.


You can connect with Kelsey Oseid on her websiteinstagram and twitter as “kelzuki”.

We can enjoy  Kelzuki’s art because she had a family who supported her interest in art through  her childhood and young adulthood.

As parents, we think it is important to observe our children and discover what  they really like, her interests and passions. It is not only what we think it would be “beneficial for their future” or what we like what is important.