COOLEST HANGING CHAIRS | Monstera Deliciosa by Porky Hefer

Can you imagine sleeping in a shark’s mouth? Since I was a child I have always dreamed about living in a tree house, but there is a problem, I can’t stand heights!

South African Designer, Porky Hefer, has created these awesome pieces as part of the MONSTER DELICIOSA series. These are the coolest hanging chairs I have ever seen.


Hefer wants people to sit inside the chairs so they can ‘think about nature, and its fragility, and make them consider how to protect it’. We just want to know where we can buy them!




He quit his career in advertising in 2007 and founded Porky Hefer Design four years later, integrating traditional African skills into all of his projects.


Porky’s work pushes boundaries and perceptions of what art and design are, and ultimately what furniture can be – Southern Guild Gallery co-founder, Julian McGowan.