cute furniture for kids’ room by MUM AND DAD FACTORY

Mum and Dad Factory is a French company founded in 2012 by  Clotilde Le Théo, graduate architect, and Laetitia Olsak, graduate in Art and interior architecture, together they design and produce cute furniture for kids’ room. 

They offer parents an alternative to traditional furniture for children, contemporary and cute furniture for kids’ room. 

It’s probably you have seen MUM AND DAD FACTORY products in most of the cool magazines about kids deco. This brand is a must!

First they designed the Mini lit which less bulky than a conventional bed and adapts to the shape of babies, then Le Lit Junior, which is very low, with no bed guard, and promotes the autonomy of the child. Recently, they created Le Banc/Bureau that has the particularity of being a versatile piece of furniture that can be use as a child desk or as an adult seat.


Mini Lit__More spacious than a craddle and less bulky than a conventional bed, the Mini lit adapts to the shape of toddlers from 0 to 2 years. With rounded curves and a reduced dimension, this bed provides children with a safe and reassuring feeling.


Le Lit Junior__The Mum and Dad Factory bed is a perfect transition between a baby cot and a “big kid bed”. The mattress height and the dimensions have been adapted in order to offer maximum comfort and autonomy to children from 2 to 6 years. Inspired from a “daybed”, it can also be used as a couch or as an extra bed. Built to last, the Mum and Dad Factory bed is made exclusively of solid wood.


Le Banc/Bureau__Mum and Dad Factory’s bench / Table  is designed for a durable and versatile use. Very practical to draw, read or play, it can be used as desk that suits to children from 2 to 6 years or as a side table. As its height corresponds to an adult seat, it can also serve bench. Made entirely of solid beech, the Mum and Dad Factory’s bench meets the needs of children and parents! But that’s not all!

Mum and Dad Factory revisits the traditional rattan kids chair and offers a sleek and contemporary model that fits perfectly with the bench / desk.  This chair is made ​​in France by a craftsman specialized in rattan bending.  It is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years.



Furthermore they offer a wide range of accessories, such as Play tents and teepee, Clothes Racks, and shelves.

cute-furniture-for-kids-room-MUM-AND-DAD-FACTORY-contemporary-cuteandkids-blog cute-furniture-for-kids-room-tent-MUM-AND-DAD-FACTORY-CUTEANDKIDS-BLOG

The Play Tent and Play Teepee are inspired from “do it yourself” play tents , so they just offer a tent frame. Ready to be customized, it only remains to create the cover ! Easy! Made from beech wood , they can be assembled and disassembled without any tools.



The Mum and Dad Factory shelves are ideal for showing and keeping on hand every little objects . They are made in France in molded beech plywood .

Each of the brand’s creations meets with simplicity, uniqueness and practicality to the needs of children and adults. 

Mum and Dad Factory also promotes the use of quality materials and attaches importance to manufacturing processes. Its products are manufactured exclusively by European partners who are committed to decent work practices and environmental standards.


If you have ever dreamed with a clothes’ rack, I think that with this minimalist one,  your dream has come true. It’s ideal to showcase the pretty outfits or children’s costumes.

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Featured image vía. Photo by Sabine Serrad for Les Enfants Du Design.