LITTLE BIG ROOMS book and other fresh ideas to decorate kids’ room


If you like deco, it’s probably you will be always looking for fresh ideas to decorate your kids’ room.

I do. I am very interested in decoration and have a radar to detect the in’ things.

Are you an interior lover? Do you need a little bit of inspiration?  Today it is your lucky day because we are sharing a new book, the bible for decorating your kids’ room: LITTLE BIG ROOMS, edited by GESTALTEN, together with other fresh ideas to get inspiration.



We have been living in our home since 2008, and it is not completed yet. I like to get good ideas that match with my personal style, trying to be very consistent with our way of life. I love coherence and I am always trying to practice it.

It is probably that you cannot afford all the looks you will see in the decoration books, but inspiration is for free and you can always try to find something similar that fits your budget.

I do not have a defined style. I let my eyes enjoy vintage and retro, sleek and modern, whimsical, colourful or monochrome rooms… Then  my brain and my intuition mix it all and select the best for us and our way of living.

The Little Big Rooms book is all about creating beautiful spaces. Not only entire rooms, but also child-friendly corners where children can play without loosing the style and the vibe that adults are looking for.



Little Big Rooms book is here to offer inspiration to parents, full of exciting tips for new rooms or spaces in need of an update, as well as furniture and accessory recommendations sure to please everyone in the family.

Susana Pando – PEEKANDPACK 

You can buy this book through [amazon_textlink asin=’3899559428′ text=’Amazon’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’b1c312bf-7203-11e8-9851-43837c8a3a6b’], at  PETITANDSMALL or directly at the editorial Gestalten’s web.

Still in need of more inspiration? Have a look at LE GUIDE DECO by The Socialité Family and to these other books, published in the past but still full of creative ideas to decorate kids’ room: [amazon_textlink asin=’B01K14XDSU’ text=’Creative Children Spaces: Fresh and Imaginative ideas for modern family homes’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’91b8dd33-7203-11e8-a72f-257e60136745′]  and [amazon_textlink asin=’0847834166′ text=’Room for Children: Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play.’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cutea-21′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’57dbfbaa-71f9-11e8-9b4b-3d49974999ab’] .

Image of an  eclectic style for kids’ room. 

And last but not least, you an find  more inspo here, PETITANDSMALL is one of our favourite kids’ room deco blogs.


Image from Where children sleep by James Mollison

You do not need to spend lots of money decorating your kids’ room. It is allways a good idea to remind us how other people live bu taking a look to  Where children sleep, the powerful photo series by James Mollison. He traveled around the world making visual stories of diverse children, capturing the differences between the lifestyle of kids from different countries.