AVLIA playful furniture for kids room


We love play in all It’s shapes. That’s the main reason why we have fallen in love with AVLIA, a playful furniture for kids room collection designed by Nataša Njegovanović.  

Nataša was only a second year MA student of Industrial Design at the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb in Croatia when she created this playful collection. How much talent! 

AVLIA collection is composed by playful furniture for kids room. Furniture practical and so much fun!


The range is inspired by Slavonian domestic and farm animals, which include a cow-shaped desk, the stool as a dog, the push-bike as a a cat, the pencil case as a chicken and the toy box as a pig. 

The simple shapes of those toys served to emphasize the pure essence of what they represented, thereby leaving enough space for the child’s own imagination and giving it a chance to build on the original idea on its own.

The sleek and stylish designs are aesthetically pleasing for both children and adults and stimulate children in development and play.

Nataša njegovanović has created each item with a subtle reference, allowing youngsters to invent their own games and stories. This collection inspire creative thinking and imagination. 


Made from local materials – including slavonia oak – the collection draws upon the croatian village in which all of the pieces were created, promoting the tradition and simple aesthetic of the region it hails from.


This playful furniture for kids room take us back to a time long gone, when children played with wooden toys. We love It! 

But, what a pity! It’s not comercialized yet. Anyone in the room interested in manufacturing this awesome collection? Contact with the designer. 

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Photography by Pavel Posavec