UPA KIDS furniture for those who are growing up

Children grow up so fast, it can make your head spin…They do sleep in a crib and the day after, you need to buy a toddler bed.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have pieces of furniture that can be adjusted to different levels and therefore used from 4 years old up to adult age?



Yes it would! This is the reason why I am introducing you to UPA KIDS, a young company founded in January 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal, by Patrícia Machado and Gonçalo Valente, parents of two boys looking for high quality furniture that could also accompany children’s growth.

Patricia and Gonçalo wanted to waste less and to save space at home:



As eco-conscious parents we advocate that it makes sense to have fittings that can be used for a long period of time, instead of buying different pieces of furniture to suit every stage of a kids’ life. Patricia and Gonçalo – UPA KIDS


UPA-KIDS-furniture-eco-kids-friendly-seen-cuteandkids-blog UPA-KIDS-furniture-cuteandkids-blog

I completely agree! Do you?


That’s why they decided to create a chair and a desk, able to make day-to-day children’s duties easier. With UPA chair and desk you are promoting your child’s autonomy and helping him to build his self-confidence while you are creating an exciting place to learn and grow outside of school. A space where resources are easily accessible, that can work for homework, art projects, crafting and quiet reading.




But that’s not all!

Upa Desk and Chair are not only beautifully designed (minimal design, light colours…all that I love!). They also ensure a correct posture when kids are in the sitting position. They are safe, comfortable and have a high constructive quality that confer them durability.

With upa chair and desk you have two pieces of furniture that can be adjusted to 5 different levels, and therefore can be used from 4 years old up to adult age.

Furthermore, they follow the European Standard (EN 1729), which defines appropriate furniture parameters related to children’s body dimensions for educational institutions. This ensures that anyone using their Chair can sit properly with the back supported and the feet firmly fixed on the ground.




As the material of manufacture, Upa furniture is designed and manufactured in Portugal using birch plywood, a flexible material with high strength, from sustainable sources and with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, granted by Portugal.  To maintain quality, the furniture is protected by a water-based varnish, free of toxic components.




UPA KIDS provides Kids furniture suit for use throughout their lives. Their unique design allows a simplified assembly procedure, including all subsequent adjustments, requiring a minimum of tools either furnished by us or readily available at home.




Upa furniture is designed to suit a child’s needs at every stage of its life, offering ergonomics and comfort along the way. Intelligently designed furniture that grows up with your child.

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