XO-IN MY ROOM kid-friendly furniture with a special vintage touch

XO-IN MY ROOM is a Spanish brand from Barcelona that designs and produces imaginative, ecofriendly, timeless furniture (cribs, beds, desks, dressers…) to be cherished forever in your kids’ room.

One of the most important things we like about XO-IN MY ROOM is the evolution of the brand. They are very coherent from the beginning. This furniture brand will always be a trend in Kids’ lifestyle!



Founded in 2012, the company was set-up by a couple who couldn’t find a cool cot for their baby.

This amazing company is the outcome of the venture between three siblings who complement each other, and Carina Hemmings, the wife of the oldest one. As she says “He is the X and I’m the O, that black hole that transforms everything into a mess!”

The oldest is the creative mind, he designs and imagines every piece of furniture. The youngest is the craftsman, who creates them with his own hands in their workshop. The middle one is the publicist who turns us into a brand.




With this unique combination they decided to get together and build up XO-IN MY ROOM.

“After some years working on their own and the experience of raising up ten children between the three of them, they decided to build up xo-in my room, which resumes their passion for furniture well designed, made with quality materials and creative finishes. Handmade with love and care. For you to discover the pleasure of decorating a kids room with beautiful things.”

XO-IN MY ROOM has truly original designs with a simple and rustic look. They are eco friendly, because they are crafted from reclaimed wood, painted with environmentally friendly paints, and made by hands not machines.




Although they share a design, each piece is unique with different wood and markings. The finish and style is very creative, simple and somewhat vintage.

XO-INMYROOM made by hand furniture with quality craftsmanship that grows up with your kids and becomes a part of your everyday life.



Although you probably have heard about XO-IN MY ROOM before, we are excited of having them in CUTEANDKIDS blog for the first time.

We are huge fan of their philosoly and every of their new designs. We are very proud of this kids’ furniture label entirely made in Spain by hand with love.

XO-INMYROOM designs brings personality and identity to every room in your home.

I’m really crazy about XO-IN MY ROOM’s designs, my favourite one is the NASHIMURA WHITE ORIGAMI wardrobe. Pure simplicity. Amazing! I would love it  in a bigger size for our living room.

XO-IN MY ROOM have just launched three new designs: CAMILLE dresser, SCOUT changing station and LALA mini-crib (featured image).

You can buy their furniture in their ONLINE SHOP. They ship worldwide and offer customization for the painted pieces.