Disney is a brand on its own. It is not only movies and children characters, but also a huge enterprise focused on merchandising and amusement parks. With the idea to expand its offering to adults, Disney is always looking for partners and collaborations in the world of fashion and deco.

From 25th to 27th of April at the Somerset House in London, Disney has shown its latest collaboration with 40 renown brands at the ‘Disney Fashion Lifestyle‘ showcase. Fashion ateliers and brands like Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Anya Hindmarch or Ashley Williams or Home designers like Terence Conran, Zaha Hadid, Nani Marquina and Ingo Maurer are just some of the brands selected.

Nani Marquina Disney Collaboration Julien Missiaen_ seen in CuteandKids blog

For this collaboration Nani Marquina, the Spanish handcrafted rug company, has customized one of his iconic rugs, Nomad, with Disney’s symbol Mickey Mouse.

The idea behind this selection is to stress the brand motto: simplicity, modernity, excitement and surprise. The Nomad rug, a handwoven kilim made with the finest Ghazni wool from Afghanistan, evokes uncomplicated textures and an awareness of the importance of small details.

Nani Marquina Disney Collaboration_ details_ seen in CuteandKids blog

Julien Missiaen,  @sorry_board, is the illustrator selected to add the Disney touch to the rug with a classic version of early Mickey Mouse.

I love the idea of the freehand print customization. It gives the rug a level of uniqueness: handmade rug and handmade print. A real piece of art!

Nani Marquina Disney Collaboration in process_ seen in CuteandKids blog

Nani Marquina Disney Collaboration_ the rug_ seen in CuteandKids blog

I wanted to pay homage to the early days of animation; the grandeur and the magic of illustration that ensured that no two identical Mickeys existed”, Nani Marquina emphasizes.

A fantastic collaboration that would be nice to have it permanently in the long run!